Features & Development RoadmapGet up-to-speed with past, present, and future Liftoff Releases

Coming Soon

  • Advanced Split Shipping
  • Increased customization of CSS driven elements
  • Improved checkout page functionality
  • Revised "My Account" pages, available on all themes.
  • ADFS SAML Single Sign-On
  • New B2C design themes
  • Integration with PromoStandards catalogs
  • Bring your own carrier account and carrier rating selection
  • Our first full public release of our powerful new REST API engine with full documentation.
  • The ability to bring your own shipping carrier account and delegate between retail, list and discounted pricing.

Recently Completed

  • Improved International Proximity Address Search and Vendor Validation
  • User Data Exports
  • Pending Order Queue Filtering
  • User data export utilities
  • International Shipment Proximity Search
  • Pageflex template mapping to Liftoff data records
  • Variable Imprint Included in Product Description
  • Pageflex configuration process enhancements
  • Additional Countries added to Shipping Fulfillment
  • Ability to attach collateral to a product for digital delivery

Release Notes

Release 1.42

11/20/2017 12:46 PM

Inclusion of non-Google supported addresses
There are few places that Google can't reach.  Some of our international clients pointed out that Google addressing did not have visibility to specific countries that did not use postal codes.  As a result, we've overhauled the entire address engine to be able to accomodate countries with no country codes.  You can now assign addresses for any location, anywhere in the world.  For a list of what addresses are supported by automated carrier rates, please see the "Countries" list in your Liftoff dashboard.

New and improved user account management
The user account screens have been upgraded to provide user access into features such as spending account utilization, order history and asset management (where applicable).  Tabs for discounts / spending accounts appear only when the user is assigned a budget or pooled discount.  These screens register any changes to balances or utilization as orders are placed.

Release 1.41

10/30/2017 12:19 PM

New application options for spending accounts
Budgets can now be applied to specific products and products with custom product fields.  These adjustments can be made through yoru dashboard.

Support for additional countries
We have added support for India, Russia and United Arab Emirates.  You can now assign addresses and ship to's to these countries.  Please note that shipment rating may be limited within these territories.  Release 1.42 will address expanding capabilities for these countries.  

Release 1.40

10/16/2017 12:17 PM

Introduction of the new Lionheart theme
Based on the success of the "Leonhardt" theme, we've created a more modern and appealing theme that focuses on improved product display and user experience.  This new theme is now available in your Liftoff dashboard.

Site List Export
Any data list associated with your site, including orders, products, user and other data can now be exported directly from the listing screens.  This is a universal update, covering all list screens.


Release 1.39

10/2/2017 12:13 PM

The follow new features were added during this release:

Fallback Shipping Rates
In the event a carrier rating service is unable to obtain a rate estimate, you can now set up special fallback rates to ensure that rates are always charged.  We recommend you evaluate varoius weight and service levels prior to establishing fallback rates.

Stackable Budget / Spending Accounts
You can now assign multiple spending accounts to a single person and those accounts can be stacked during purchase when certain overlap conditions exist.  You can control the behavior of your spending accounts from your Budget / Gift Card dashboard.

Enhancements to the Demandbridge WebEc XML PO Process
Various new extrinsics were made available to the WebEc cXML output to accomodate some specific customer needs.  Please inquire with your accont manager should you have specific questions about this change.

Release 1.38

9/15/2017 1:37 PM

Pending Order Queue Filtering
Prior to this release, pending orders could be seen by all site admins.  You can now toggle on or off the ability to see only those orders relevant to who is in the current chain of approval.  Within your site Account Manager, you can specify which users receive access to all orders, or just their own orders.

Improved International Proximity Address Search and Vendor Delegation
Liftoff’s ability to properly route orders to vendors and locations overseas has greatly improved with pinpoint accuracy.  We’ve included longitudinal and latitudinal measurements between locations to increase the speed and accuracy of vendor location and address validation. 

User Report Export Functionality
A report has been added to the dashboard that allows you to export all of your current active or disabled user accounts

Improved Password Reset Conventions
The process for the "forgot password" feature has been modified to allow more time before the temporary password expires.  The current limit is now 24 hours.

Release 1.37

8/23/2017 11:33 PM

In this release, the following features and fixes were released:

Pageflex Data Record Selection
You can now use Liftoff's powerful data records capability in conjunction with Liftoff templates.  This means you can establish datasests and link them to elements on your templates such as drop down lists and image pickers.  

Improved Pageflex Data Document Tracking
Our team has improved the efficiency and mechanism for tracking changes to variable data templates and have increased the speed in which these operations are executed.

Additional Granular Permissions Added
New permision schemes have been added that allow you to control which reports are viewable or restricted based on user admin roles. 

Inclusion of Variable Line Information in Product Description
When ordering items such as business cards that require presonalization, the user's name or first line of imprint can be added to your product description.  This information can flow to your vendor for improved order processing and organization.

Release 1.36

8/15/2017 8:00 AM

It’s been a few weeks since we last sent you an update, and with good reason. Our platform development team has been working on a host of great features to improve the usability of your website and the features available to you that can be extended to your customers.

Here’s a quick synopsis of what we released this week:

Digital Content Delivery

Prior to this release, the only way to associate collateral with a product was to develop a Pageflex template and require the user to step through the configuration process. This new release allows you to attach static collateral files to your product record during the product setup process. You can now attach anything from PDFs, to PowerPoint presentations to Excel sheets, to practically anything.

When the product is ordered, your vendor will be able to receive this file either through email or electronic means through our API set. This new feature is useful if you have data or collateral you need to have produced, but do not want to convolute the process of taking your users through product configuration steps.

Additional Countries Added to Shipping Fulfillment

We’ve enhanced our shipping estimation tool to now allow freight calculations and shipments to India and the Russian Federation. Please note that tax / VAT may not be available for these countries.

Enhancements to the Pageflex Configuration Process

We’ve made various enhancements to the Pageflex proofing process, that while invisible to the user, will allow us to continue to yield instant, high quality renderings back to your user in real-time.

Release 1.35

7/28/2017 11:15 PM

New Features
  • International currency conversions
  • Support for over one hundred currencies that can be exchanged with US Dollar
  • Improvements to international shipping methods and custom shipping management
  • Improved admin interface for country and currency management
  • Updated user login screens to allow for individual user / country currency configuration

Release 1.34

7/13/2017 11:13 PM

New Features
  • Custom Shipping Managment
  • Support for LTL, Hundred Weight and Heavy Freight 
  • Improved Shipping Management Interface
  • Shipping to countries not currently supported by EasyPost

Release 1.33

6/23/2017 11:10 PM

New Features
  • This week we’ve implemented a generic cXML order integration component.  We’re no strangers to cXML and have several existing integrations with it so far, however many have been custom built for specific ERP systems.  This release will allow anyone, regardless of platform to consume cXML messages for use on their own platforms or proprietary applications.  
  • In addition to the cXML PO integration for ERP’s we’ve extended this capability to all vendors that reside on the Liftoff system.  If your vendor is cXML ready, you can start sending cXML messages right now by setting up your vendor portal.  You can do this by going to a location you have set up for a vendor, clicking the “Integration” tab and defining the method you wish to use for sending order data.
  • A new option has been added to your Nexus and Tax Manager that lets you define whether or not a user can self-select their tax exempt status.  You can still set up user specific tax profiles using the user management tools.