Features & Development RoadmapGet up to speed with past, present, and future Liftoff releases

Coming Soon

  • Integration with PromoStandards catalogs
  • The ability to bring your own shipping carrier account and delegate between retail, list and discounted pricing.
  • New home page layouts
  • Bundles and kitting
  • Improvements to pricing including upcharges
  • User facing product file uploads
  • Advanced error logs and audit trail reporting

Recently Completed

  • Bulk data management including importing and exporting
  • Launch of poweful new REST based API
  • SAML based Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Automatic XML site map generation
  • Custom order number sequencing
  • Upgrade to Pageflex 9
  • Improved dynamic checkout workflow
  • Pending order queue filtering
  • User data export utilities
  • Pageflex template mapping to Liftoff data records

Release Notes

Release 1.49

4/9/2018 2:29 PM

SAML Based Single Sign-on (SSO)
SSO provides the capability for external systems to self-authenticate users and pass them directly into Liftoff, bypassing Liftoff’s own sign-in system. This feature is extremely useful when dealing with corporate clients that employ an enterprise authentication scheme like Active Directory. Users can sign in using a standard method without the redundancy of logging in to multiple systems. For additional information about SSO and how to establish this on your sites, please contact your account manager or email info@liftoff.shop. Additional fees may apply.

Product Upcharges: Setup Fees
Many of you have expressed the need to apply additional upcharges to your products, especially the introduction of a setup fee. In addition to establishing price breaks for your products, you can incorporate a setup fee as part of the pricing structure for an item. This is useful for products that may have a one-time fee associated with them, such as die creation, embroidery, or plate creation. We’ve provided the ability to track the difference between the cost to your user and your associated costs for monitoring margin relative to these fees.

New Registrant Notifications
A new field is available under Site Settings > Email that allows for instant email notification when a new user registers on one of your sites.

New Event Rule
This new rule, titled “Order at checkout”, allows you to place special messaging on the checkout screen for your users. Like other rules, you have the ability to make this messaging conditional using criteria you specify.

Release 1.48

3/26/2018 8:30 AM

Registration Notifications
You can customize what email notifications you receive when a new user signs up on your site.  This feature can be controlled using your site's adminsitrative controls.

New Order Event Rules Added
A new type of rule has been added to your site's rules engine.  You can now specify messaging and additional control over what happens at checkout.  This new rules feature allows to you to define criteria and prompt a user with a message and potentially block checkout until the criteria has been satisfied.

Integration Audit Trail
For sites using integration for vendors or internal ERP, we've added the ability to view your site's posted XML message.  If the post fails, you can review an error log detailing how the receiving party's system has responded.  

Product Level Access Roles
Previously, you were only able to control product access through category roles.  This feature has been extended to the product level.  The Users->User Roles section has been updated to allow more granular control over specific access to categories and products.


Release 1.47

3/5/2018 8:30 AM

New Expanded API 
Liftoff's powerful API has been ammened with new features and functions.  We've recently added the ability to manage users, products, shipping, orders and tracking to our REST API.  For full details visit our documentation located here: https://docs.liftoff.shop

Release 1.46

2/15/2018 8:30 AM

Bulk Data Uploads and Exports
The ability to upload data in bulk fashsion has been added to Liftoff.   You may now also export your data in Excel format using our Batch Jobs tools located in the admin.  This feature currently applies to product data, categories, users, and budgets.  This feature has to be requested from your account manager before you can start using it.

Default Billing and Shipping Addresses
User profiles can now be mapped to separate biling and shipping addresses vs. just one address for the user.  This new feature can be seen by logging in to your dashboard and managing your user accounts.

New Theme "Haute"
This sleek new theme has been added to Liftoff as one of your available site design templates.

Release 1.45

1/30/2018 8:43 AM

Improved Checkout Workflow
As our platform has grown, so has the need for enhancing the way our users need their customers to pay for goods and materials.  Until now, our checkout process was fairly monolithic and practically immovable.  Many of you needed items customized or certain fields hidden which required custom development to accomplish.  Our new checkout workflow resolves many of those issues and provides a more intuitive and user friendly checkout process. 
This short, 30 second video demonstrates how this new checkout works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ncjg6OUV5A

Upgrade to Pageflex
This latest upgrade to Pageflex ensures that we’re serving up the most advanced and robust web to print imaging services possible.  All of your existing templates will continue to work with this new version of Pageflex and will not require an upgrade of any kind for them to work.  Additionally, if your still using an older version of Pageflex Studio, those templates will continue to work with your Liftoff site.  We do recommend upgrading your copy of Studio when possible to ensure that you’re taking full advantage of all of the great new features available to you in this latest release.


Release 1.44

12/20/2017 8:42 AM

Custom Order Numbers
This release introduces the ability for you to create and assign your own order numbering sequence.  You can now customize your order number by establishing your own unique custom order numbering seed at the site level.  Additionally, you can add prefixes and suffixes to these numbers that also include incremental variable values such as date and time. 

You can find this new feature by logging in to your site admin dashboard and clicking “Shop Settings” and then “Order Numbers”.  To use this feature, you only need to click “Enable custom order numbers for this website’s submitted orders”.   Doing this will display a form that allows to you to customize your order number sequence.   For additional information and instruction, please visit http://community.liftoff.shop

Automatic XML Site Map Generation
Your site now includes a sitemap that is automatically updated in real time.  There’s nothing you need to do to set this up.  Your site map can be found by navigating to your site’s URL, suffixed with “/sitemap”.  Example: http://mias.liftoff.shop/sitemap

Release 1.43

12/4/2017 8:41 AM

Implementation of Advanced KMS
Strong KMS (Key Management Service) has been implemented for all sensitive data across the Liftoff platform.  This includes information such as passwords and other encrypted data.  Our commitment is, and always has been, the security of your information.  The KMS solution we have in place ensures that no one, not even our developers with the highest access to system data will be able to decrypt this information.  If you’d like more information on our procedures and this new service, please reach out to your account manager for additional details.

Advanced Budget Usage Options
Your spending account / budget functions have been incrementally improved.  We’ve added the ability for you to apply budgets not only to users and specific product sets, but by user groups as well.  You can now apply budgets to users with a specific custom field value and use it as a function for grouping users together, giving each user the ability to spend against an allotted pool of
budget dollars. 


Release 1.42

11/20/2017 12:46 PM

Inclusion of non-Google supported addresses
There are few places that Google can't reach.  Some of our international clients pointed out that Google addressing did not have visibility to specific countries that did not use postal codes.  As a result, we've overhauled the entire address engine to be able to accomodate countries with no country codes.  You can now assign addresses for any location, anywhere in the world.  For a list of what addresses are supported by automated carrier rates, please see the "Countries" list in your Liftoff dashboard.

New and improved user account management
The user account screens have been upgraded to provide user access into features such as spending account utilization, order history and asset management (where applicable).  Tabs for discounts / spending accounts appear only when the user is assigned a budget or pooled discount.  These screens register any changes to balances or utilization as orders are placed.

Release 1.41

10/30/2017 12:19 PM

New application options for spending accounts
Budgets can now be applied to specific products and products with custom product fields.  These adjustments can be made through yoru dashboard.

Support for additional countries
We have added support for India, Russia and United Arab Emirates.  You can now assign addresses and ship to's to these countries.  Please note that shipment rating may be limited within these territories.  Release 1.42 will address expanding capabilities for these countries.  

Release 1.40

10/16/2017 12:17 PM

Introduction of the new Lionheart theme
Based on the success of the "Leonhardt" theme, we've created a more modern and appealing theme that focuses on improved product display and user experience.  This new theme is now available in your Liftoff dashboard.

Site List Export
Any data list associated with your site, including orders, products, user and other data can now be exported directly from the listing screens.  This is a universal update, covering all list screens.