Custom fields & gift cards / budgets

Let’s set the scene. You have about 90+ locations to handle and each location is going to need a to share a budget for purchasing. Let’s explore some options that can be used when customers have a custom customer field in place.

What’s the use case for a custom field?

A large majority of our subscribers use Custom fields to allocate location, cost centers, employee i.d. numbers, titles and so forth.

Where to add gift cards/budgets

Maneuver to Gift Cards/Budgets under the ECommerce tab to get started.

Enable gift cards and budgets

Within that page - under the Settings tab, you will have to enable Gift Cards and Budgets before you are able to create any. Also, located on this page are some display features for the site. Here, you will be able to turn off the display of product budgets on landing pages and product customization. Also, you have the option to customize the verbiage that shows when you refer to a Gift Card/Budget. By default, this will be “Gift Card” and “Gift Card Code”. When you are satisfied with your progress, hit save and let’s head back to the Codes tab to get started on created a code utilizing custom fields.

Do I have to set up a gift card/budget for each person?

The simple answer to this is no, unless necessary. When creating the code, you are required to use a unique alphanumeric code (can include hyphens) and a description. These are easily understood, but you may stop once you get to "Apply To" and think “What is the right fit for my customer?”.

Apply to:

  • All Item budgets – Covers everything and the whole order total (shipping included)
  • Items within a specific category, Items with specific product codes and items with custom product field value. These three will only apply to the specified products subtotal (shipping not included).


For this, we want to focus on the last option listed for usage. Pooled balance that may be used by anyone with the code AND a custom customer field value.

What is required:

A specific custom customer field and the field value.

We’ll use an example of Region, with a customer in the Northwest. Region will be the custom customer field and northwest will be the field value. Once each customer is assigned or registers their field value you can use the last option on Usage to apply a gift card or budget to anyone with that value. This can expand and shrink to fit your need down to single employee’s, departments, locations, etc. Once assigned, only a customer with the specified code and assigned the correct field value will be able to access the funds allocated to it.

Quick Tip: Field Value Setup and changes

Manual additions and changes

As usual, edit a customer’s field values manually within each customer, which is simplistic enough with changes to a singular customer.

Batch Upload

For mass uploads and changes, we highly recommend the use of batch uploads. Any custom customer fields will populate on a customer data export. Simply export your customer data sheet, add the field values to the corresponding customer or update what is currently there and reload via batch jobs!

Feel like you need more information? Custom customer fields have so much information related to them we can’t pack everything into one article! Keep your eye’s peeled for the next release or reach out to an account manager with our Support ticket system

Our team hopes you enjoyed this short Quick Tips article and that you found it helpful.

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