Designate email specific logos

There is a lot of speculation on customized emails , but recently we added a new platform feature to assist with some standard customization. With this new feature you can now change the Logo and team name that is populated on customer notification and order emails.

Custom email that isn’t so custom

Over time we’ve had a multitude of email customization requests , so we worked in a new release to help alleviate some of these request.

Use Case

High on the list was the ability to change out logo’s within emails. Partnered with that is the ability to change the verbiage of the team name, each email ends with from the (insert website name) team. This comes in handy for some partnerships that require the subscribers name and logo to be displayed.

Where to update the logo and team name

Head to the ecommerce tab and towards the bottom you will see email.

Who is this email coming from?

Within the email settings page you will find the standard setting that was previously in place to designate the sender address. Directly below you will see a box labeled “From Name” this is where the name displayed on the email signature will go. This is not a required field and can be left blank. Without anything in this box the company name will be displayed. (this is located under website > settings).

Customer Email Logo

Setting a new logo here will be reflected within customer facing emails. The use case mentioned above specifically affected a subscriber who needed to notify the customers ordering on their customer site with the subscriber logo and not their company logo. While this does not fit every use case for these new settings our features are fueled by you!

Do you have a new feature request?

reach out to our team and let us know what you think! We’re all ears and love to hear what you may want to add. All features within the Liftoff experience are shaped by our our subscribers and their customers needs.

Send us your thoughts with our support ticket system. Our team hopes you enjoyed this short Quick Tips article and that you found it helpful.

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