Liftoff and admin access roles

A multitude of subscribers extend Liftoff’s backend to their clients or restrict access so that employees can not see items that are not imperative to the functions required of them.

What type of access can be assigned?

A role may include access to all platform features down to just an approval role, or a report access role for specific employees and customers.

Creating an access role

To allow a customer back end access you must first created your desired role. You can find this role creation tab under your name when logged in to Hover where your name is shown, and a drop down will appear with five options. One of the the options is "Roles". Following the roles link will take you to a page to view all your subscriber roles that are currently in place. Generally, each site that is created with have an administrator role readily available to assign. This role does have some limited permissions while allowing the selected user to utilize a vast majority of the platform features. This can be edited to better fit what you need or add a new one.

Add Role

Creating a new role is easy. A page displaying a list of permissions will appear. Simply check off the permissions you want to allow your user to access. Create your role and simply assign to the specified user.


If your employee or customer is not currently a user on the site, you can add them by navigating back to the drop down under your name and clicking the users tab. This is also where you will assign any roles. This page shows a global view of all users on a subscribers site list.


Is that all?

Yep! Just as simple as that, once a user is assigned and given a role they are ready to access the Liftoff platform!

Quick Tip: Report Access Roles

Please keep in mind that anyone who is given report permissions will be able to see margin data from your site. Forward facing customer reports are in the wheelhouse and are expected to be added to the Liftoff platform in the near future.

Need help with role assignment? Reach out to an account manager with our support ticket system . Our team hopes you enjoyed this short Quick Tips article and that you found it helpful.

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  by: Team Liftoff
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