Color, Quantity, Variants and Price Breaks "Oh my"!

So you have a million and one products to load and you’ve figured out how to streamline that process with batch uploads. But wait! There is another crucial batch upload that will make your life easier if done the right way!

General Pricing, Quick and Easy

Each product pricing grid is located under the pricing tab on each individual product.

Quantity, Price and Cost

Under each product on the pricing tab, you’ll see a pricing grid that is visually similar to Excel. For items that will require only one price leave the option at default. This applies a single price to all SKU variants of a single product

Role Based Pricing

 Do you want to give someone a discounted price without all the hassle of discounts? Role based pricing works the same as any other aspect of pricing. With the exception that the price will only be assigned to a customer with a given role. Any roles need to be created before they can be assigned to pricing or customers. Also, be sure to enter a general Price as well for the remainder of your customers if you are hosting any outside of the selected role.

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Quick Tip: Setting Prices

Any pricing entered will require a cost amount, even if you are not tracking margin data, you are required to enter at least a $0.00 cost for the system to capture the data you have entered.

Extended Price and Cost on Quantity Breaks

Adding quantity breaks is one of the simplest pricing tasks. However, you will need the extended cost of your quantity breaks. Without extended cost, you may be setting yourself up for extra work. Once you have your extended Price and breaks prepared, you’re set to enter them in the grid! Leave your pricing options as general and Liftoff will work it’s magic, turning the extended cost into single item prices and showing total cost when customer facing.

Setting Pricing on Variant / Size Breaks on Extended Sizes

When products have extended sizes (such as 2XL, 3XL or larger), they may include a higher price of say $2.00. This is handled within the pricing sheet by SKU. Now, you may think “I have to set up a price for all 40 SKU’S?” No, a simple way to handle this is to add a general price for your majority of products and then expand your price changes to the specified SKU’s within a batch upload. This can be done manually, but I find batch work is more efficient.

Streamlining Pricing with Batch Uploads

 All aspects of pricing can be added via batch upload and is a lifesaver in some instances

How to Streamline Price Changes for SKU Variants with Batch Uploads

I have found one of the most effective processes to add pricing with many breaks and masses of SKU’s is to start with one manually entered general price to your grid. This creates a great base to expand upon on the price sheet export.

Using Product Data Sheet and Price Sheet Exports Together

Pricing is SKU based when utilizing variant pricing differences, and unless already selected, they will not show on a price sheet export. I find the best way to remedy this is to also have a data sheet export available. That way, I can sort by color, size and product code and then simply paste those values where I need them on my price sheet.

Batch Jobs

If you do not have batch jobs imports available, reach out to our team so that we can walk through a quick batch job training session to unlock them! You’ll be amazed how this will affect your set up time!

Our team hopes you enjoyed this short Quick Tips article and that you found it helpful. Please keep your eyes open for our next release!

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