Custom domains, security certificates & white-labeling either already own your own domain/website or you’re thinking about getting a new one and you want to know if your new Liftoff store can live there, right? Yes, yes it can. But, let’s talk about a few things first.

Liftoff has some awesome security behind the scenes. Because of this security, all domains must have a security certificate (SSL Certificate) installed on our server. You can tell if a website has a security certificate easily by taking a look at the website address. If it starts with an https:// then that “s” at the end designates “secure”. Cool, huh? Keep that in mind next time you’re doing your own shopping.

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates can be purchased at several different websites; usually the ones that also sell domain names. This being said, not all certificates are created equally. If you wish to purchase your own certificate, please know that we can not guarantee it will be sufficient. We are happy to obtain a certificate from a resource we can guarantee results with for you though.

There’s two major types of SSL Certificates. A standard variety, good for one domain (like and a wildcard version, good for using it on multiple sub-domains on your domain (like or, etc.). Deciding which SSL Certificate is right for you is pretty simple - are you going to have multiple stores/websites on your domain or just one?

Our platform is pretty amazing and our clients think so too. This is why we have so many clients that actually re-sell our platform. The clients interested in re-selling our platform are typically the ones interested in the wildcard version. This is because they have their own domain (like and they want all their client’s sites to live there on sub-domains. If you fall into this category, you may want to consider one additional feature - white-labeling.


Right now, to manage the back-end of your sites, you navigate to If you have your client set up to have back-end access (maybe for order approvals or report access), you’re going to want them to go to instead. When they get there, you want YOUR logo in the upper left corner and YOUR logo on the login page instead of Liftoff’s. We can make this happen with white-labeling! The process is quick and easy, and really helps to bring more life and ownership to your custom domain.

If you need assistance in purchasing a domain name, SSL certificates or taking advantage of our white-labeling feature, please contact an Account Manager.

As always, the account management team is always available to help answer your questions. Our documentation is available 24/7 at and you can submit a support ticket at any time by going to

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