Custom fields, registration, and validation

You have built your site and you're ready for customers to access the site. While this is exciting, you have realized there should be limited access to employees who will use this site and need to set up some custom registration fields. What can you do? Don’t worry we have it covered!

Popular Field Values to Capture data

What data fields should you add to custom fields?

Cost Center, Employee I.D., Region, and Location are just a few of the recently used fields with our current subscribers.

These are all great data points to gather from a customer and can be added easily under Customers/Contacts > Custom Fields.

Fields supported within registration

There are many ways that these fields can be implemented, but we’ll focus on the fields that are supported on registration for new accounts. Any data you require from clients can be added to custom customer fields. This includes 5 out of the 10 available fields to chose from.

Text, Checkbox, Number and Select

The four fields listed above are self-explanatory, but we’ll expand a bit to give some more detail on what these fields support. All 4 can be toggled to a required field and display on orders.

  1. Text - Free Form text field can implement a character limit
  2. Checkbox – A single line of data that can be checked off and can select to automatically display as checked
  3. Number – offers a character limit and supports hyphens and decimals
  4. Select – Can display multiple drop down to choose from and limit the number of rows able to be selected

Linked Records and validation

Last but not least, Linked Record fields and Implementing Registration Validation.

This record will house the information for verification during registration. If a customer does not enter a value that matches the linked record, they will not be allowed to register an account with your site. This comes in handy with employee ID or cost center information or even department and region locations.

Select the record to pull the data from and which specific field within that record you want to display. Most times you will have a name linked to an employee number or region and will only need to link those fields. Again, this can be set as a required field and has the option to display on orders.

Any data within the selected record will be verified and allow that user to register a new account. All while giving peace of mind that the appropriate users are on your site.

  1. Create a record
  2. Create a linked record in custom fields
  3. The Liftoff platform will take it from there!

Quick Tip: Linked records and changes

What if I need to change a customer field that is linked to a record?

For a customer who is already registered and linked to a record, you will need to edit the record set. This will update the customer automatically. 

Feel like you need more information? Custom customer fields have so much information related to them we can’t pack everything into one article! Keep your eyes peeled for the next release or reach out to an account manager with our support ticket system.

Our team hopes you enjoyed this short quick tips article and that you found it helpful.

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