Discounts and promotional sales

A common question from clients is, “Do you support discounts?" or "Can I assign them to individuals?”

Liftoff Discounts

Navigate to Discounts under the ECommerce tab. You’ll have to enable discounts for a site before you can add a new discount. On the settings tab, you can also control the verbiage displayed for a discount. Generally, they will display as “discount” and “discount code”. However, this field is open to customization.

Discount code and description

When you add a discount, you’ll come to a screen that will ask you for your desired discount code. This can be 3-20 characters long and supports Alphanumeric only (so no special characters). Below this is a description box. Verbiage entered here will display when a customer enters their discount code.

Discount type

Liftoff supports 3 discount types: Percentage, Dollar Amount and Depletable Account. Once selected, you will be able to enter the amount the discount is for be it 50 percent or 10 dollars. Remember to enter your decimals for your dollar amounts and depletable account discounts.


Discounts can apply to order subtotal, shipping or both. Pretty straight forward - choose one and you’re done!


Liftoff can attach a discount to a single person or allow the code to be used by anyone with the code. Any discount can be automatically applied whether it is assigned to a single customer or multiple. Now you may think “If I extend this to everyone, will they abuse it?”. Not a problem, you can add a per customer limit.

Start Date and Expiration

Again, this is open to customization if you have a specific date the discount needs to begin feel free to add a time range. Leave these fields open and deactivate the discount when needed if you don’t know the exact time you will cut off availability.

Use Cases

The limit of use cases for a discount is only limited by what you can imagine. Below are a few popular choices with our current users:

  • Seasonal Sales
  • Free Shipping
  • Soon to be discontinued Items
  • New products promotional sales
  • New hire codes for apparel or employee items

Discount usage summary

Another great reason to offer a discount for a promotional sale is that you can track a discounts usage. This report is found under order Reports and is displayed like a chart, so you can watch traffic and better target your next discount.

Our team hopes you enjoyed this Feature Spotlight article and that you found it helpful. Please keep your eyes open for our next release!

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