Effective features for shipping and integration

Liftoff offers many excellent options for ensuring your product is rated and shipped with accuracy and ease-of-use. Each of your client’s may have very specific needs when it comes to shipping. In this article, we explore many of the options available to you and discuss what each of them can do to assist you with your workflow.

Rating your shipments

Liftoff can be used to rate shipping on the fly, using UPS or USPS standard shipping rates. This is the default option for rating that is built into our system. If you are looking for FedEx options, see “Negotiated rates” in the list below.

There are three carrier rate options to choose from for quick startup:

Retail rates

Retail rates reflect in-store rates that are marked up higher than the average shipping rate. Considering the name “retail”, there is a bit of markup built in to this option. These are the rates you could expect to pay if you walked into a brick and mortar store for UPS or FedEx.

Published rates

Published rates reflect the same rate a user would receive if they were to rate a shipment online directly with a carrier such as UPS or FedEx.

Negotiated rates

If you’re looking to provide your discounted rates you have through a specific carrier, you’ll want to select this option. Negotiated rates require that you have an agreement with a carrier and access to an EasyPost account. See our documentation guide to establishing your EasyPost account within your Liftoff account.

What if the shipping cost is built into my product’s pricing?

No Problem! Liftoff allows you to turn off shipment rating completely, allowing your users to purchase product without additional shipping costs.

Custom rates

Liftoff supports creating custom rates. With this, you can create flat-rate shipping, weight-based shipping, price-based rating, and fallback rates that appear if your automated rating configuration fails to catch specific rating scenarios.

Handling and upcharges

Once you’ve established how you’ll rate your shipments, Liftoff offers several options for adding various fees to the rated shipment. Below is a list of excellent options for applying markup and fees:

  • Order-Level handling charges - With this option, you’re able to add an additional flat fee to your orders. This charge is at the order level, so it will only be applied once per order. This feature is useful for those stores charging a release fee for inventory.
  • Shipment markup (fixed) - Fixed markup allows you to apply a dollar amount upcharge to each shipment presented in an order. This will automatically apply itself to each shipment after the rating process has finalized.
  • Shipment markup (percentage) - You may apply a specific upcharge to each shipment in the form of a percentage of the charges returned from the rating service. The larger the returned shipping cost, the larger the fee will be when applied to the overall shipment.

Additional tools

Liftoff allows additional configurations to ensure your shipments are handled properly. Below are several features that can ensure your stores are ready to handle most any challenge:

Residential Address Toggle

Do you or your clients ship to residential addresses? Keep in mind that standard rating does notautomatically consider an address’ status. If there is a chance shipments may end up being shipped to a non-commercial address, consider activating the residential address feature. This will allow your users to specify if the address they’ve chosen for shipping is a residence. Alternatively, you may lock this information down when establishing your user’s default addresses and personal address books.

Mandatory Attention Fields

Need to ensure that your users are properly populating an attention field? You can use this feature to enforce data entry on every order.

ShipStation Integration

ShipStation is an excellent web-based shipping platform that seamlessly integrates with Liftoff. Orders from your Liftoff stores can be automatically routed to a ShipStation account, with all of your product, pricing, shipping data, and order details. This is an excellent option for anyone that performs their own shipping operations, or connects with vendors that operate fulfillment warehouses.

If you’d like to explore connecting your stores to ShipStation, see our documentation below:

To find these features:

All of these features are available under the Shipping Settings Tab. You can arrive here from within your admin dashboard by navigating to: Ecommerce > Shipping

In conclusion, we hope that you find Liftoff’s array of options for shipping to be a powerful toolset to add to your arsenal. If you have additional questions, please review our online documentation (Go here) or reach out to your account management team for assistance.

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