First impressions: homepage or default?

One of the first things a customer judges a website on is the main page. We have two options within our Layouts to give some open options for appearance.

How to: Switching to Homepage

Out of the box Default Settings

When you add a new site and chose a theme your main page will be a Default Page, which is close to a product Landing page without Hero units, callouts and slides.

Where to find this setting

Underneath the Website tab is Pages when you go to the page titled Home, navigate to the settings by pressing edit.

There will be three option tabs, Page, Content and Access. The first tab “Page” under layout is where you’ll see Default Page Layout. To change this to a Homepage Layout simply dropdown to that option and save.

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Page, Content and Access


Locked Pages

Expanding use of the platform to your customers, content can be locked on any page. As you may know some content is locked to anyone but if you have a team member or customer who is always changing things that shouldn’t be touched. Easily Lock the content down on the page tab.


Add content to a page

One of many great features is that liftoff offers the option to add content to a page. (This tab is driven by another location (content) and requires additional steps if wanting to add anything custom. See our article on how to add a Customized blog (insert URL link here)

Adding content that is already available

Chose the Content Area (placement) and Content Block such as account pending approval information, Budgets and so much more. We strive for ease of use and offer an abundance of items built into each theme. However, the ability to customize a site is important as our platform is driven by our customers.

Access Setting

Homepages and default pages grant or restrict access with Customer Access Setting. There are a few options to choose from:

  • Any site can be published and unpublished within a specific time under Access
  • Liftoff can default to the Website Access Settings
  • You can define that anyone is allowed access to a page
  • Or always require a login to access a specified page
    • Timed Sites
    • Customer Acces

Our team hopes you enjoyed this features article and hope that you found it helpful. Please keep your eyes open for our next content release

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