All blogs will begin with blog/

  • All titles will be lower case with the exception of the first word and proper nouns
  • Please include a “blurb” that contains 2 sentences minimum, 1 paragraph maximum.
  • All new paragraphs should start and end with <p> and </p>
  • All quotations should start and end with <q> and </q>

Subtitles should ideally use <h2>

     All remaining text should use <h1> through <h6> like you’re putting together an outline. and paragraphs under will be tagged wth <p> </p>

  • <h1>Title</h1>

         (Do not use within content)
  • <h2>Subtitle</h2>

  • <h3>This is a secondary subtitle.></h3>

         Use this for a smaller subtitle after the <h2
  • <h4>Tertiary subtitle</h4>

         Only use when you need another step down after <h3>
  • <h5>Quaternary subtitle</h5>
         This will probably not be used in a blog, but is only used after <h4>
  • <h6>Quinary subtitle</h6>
         This also will probably not be used in a blog, but is only used after <h5>

Wide images in the middle of blog posts

use the syntax below

<figure class="image-pullout">
   <div class="wrap">
       <img src="//" alt="">
           <p>Amet culpa reiciendis tempore earum dolor Doloremque porro officiis rem delectus tempora Vel ut ullam qui distinctio eos Amet cum sed sapiente repudiandae libero, impedit. Saepe facere repellat ab quibusdam.</p>


Unless the image is purely decorative, always describe the image inside the <img> tag’s <alt> attribute.

Posting links

Insert Links using <a href="URL GOES HERE">Text that appears on the page</a>

Outline with blend on articles

<hr class="divider" style="margin: 32px auto;" />
Our commitment to equality
  by: Team Liftoff
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