Using product sequencing to add visual interest on a site

Many sites add visual interest with great category images, hero units, and other logos and sayings. However, have you ever looked at your product pages after adding all your items and think, “This is really monotone. Why did I start with the same color on each item?” Or, “Do I really have to undo all that work?”

The answer is no. You can easily fix a bland product page by switching up the sequencing.

How to: sequencing for color variance

The Liftoff platform provides and easy way to make these changes via batch jobs. In the next few steps, we'll show you just how easy this can be!

Export a product data sheet

To start off, we need to pull a product data sheet. This will pull all the product SKUs within the site. To do this, navigate to your MyLiftoff administrative dashboard. From the main menu, navigate to Tools > Data Exports. Selected " Product Data" and then click "Export Data". Once the export has finished, open the resulting Excel file. You will see a header called “Sequence”. We can use this to change which color is going to be the main image on a product landing page.

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Sequencing, as easy as 123

Simply number the image you want to show first as “1” once you’ve gone through all your SKUs. This can continue through all your SKUs for a single product to completely reorganize the colors on the items landing page. Once you are happy with the sequence, the file can be uploaded to the same page your data was exported from. To upload, navigate to Tools > Batch Jobs.Select the upload type of "Product Data" and follow the remaining prompts. Once submitted, you can expect it to take at least one minute to pick up your file for processing.

Refresh to see your results

With PC computers, CTRL+F5 will implement a hard refresh and reset your page to reflect the changes that have occurred. You will now see that the main product page and each individual products color sequencing has changed. This is a quick and easy way to add some contrast to a page to enhance the visual appearance of an otherwise bland or monotone product page.

Not happy with product order inside your categories?

To change order sequence for products within your categories, take the same steps as above with one minor change. Be sure to pull the Category/ Product Mappings Export. This is a smaller data sheet and will require sequencing in column D. Sequence 1+ within each category, then save and upload to batch jobs. After a hard refresh you can view your changes.

Our team hopes you enjoyed this short how to article and hope that you found it helpful. Please keep your eyes open for our next content release!

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