Liftoff comes with a 15-day, no credit card required, free trial.


Icon representing Store Admins Store Admins

A store admin is a user that can be granted the ability to manage and create websites on your Liftoff account.

Icon representing Products Products

A product relates to any single SKU loaded to your site. This also includes product variations such as size and color.

Icon representing Custom Domain Control Custom Domain Control

You can have your own custom web address. Our domain manager allows you to easily connect your existing domain name to your website. This feature requires that you own your own domain name and have access to manage your DNS settings.

Icon representing Mobile Friendly Mobile Friendly

Liftoff stores are built on a cutting edge HTML framework. Unless you're bringing your own HTML code with you, you can be assured that, out of the box, your Liftoff store will work on any modern device.

Icon representing Website Editor Website Editor

Our Liftoff store is built upon a robust content management platform that allows you to create new pages, edit existing content and schedule content. You can create blogs, articles, pages and more with these intuitive tools.

Icon representing Discount Codes Discount Codes

You can establish discount codes that can subtract from a customer's order in the form of a percentage, dollar amount or pooled allocation. Additionally, you can allocate discount availability to specific products or users.

Icon representing Shared and Custom SSL Certificates Shared and Custom SSL Certificates

Liftoff sites are automatically secured using a shared SSL certificate. Custom domain security is also an option for an additional cost. Please ask your account manager for details about obtaining a custom SSL certificate for installation with your custom domain name.

Icon representing Real-Time Tax Rates Real-Time Tax Rates

Liftoff supports real-time tax rating for the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the European Union.

Icon representing Real-Time Carrier Rates Real-Time Carrier Rates

Using our technology partner, EasyPost, we're able to provide real-time shipping rates for over 240 countries world-wide. This rating service applies to UPS, USPS and FedEx shipments.

Icon representing Company Stores Company Stores

A company store or marketing portal is an ecommerce site that is set up with a specific company in mind. Portals are great for providing corporations easy access to ordering branded materials, apparel or promotional products.

Icon representing Retail Stores Retail Stores

A retail store functions like a modern retail ecommerce site, not unlike Amazon or other prominent online retailers. You have the ability to determine how your users log in, including support for guest checkout and user self-registration.

Icon representing Google Analytics Connectivity Google Analytics Connectivity

If you have a Google Analytics account you can quickly and easily log your site's traffic by implementing the code snippet Google provides you during the set up of your account.

Icon representing Email Support Email Support

You'll receive standard email support between the hours of 8 am - 6 pm ET M-F, excluding holidays. After hours and premium support are available to our enterprise clients.

Icon representing Access to API Features Access to API Features

Liftoff comes equipped with an incredibly robust API that allows you to query for new orders, update status, inventory and tracking remotely along with a host of other incredible activities.

Icon representing Spending Account Support Spending Account Support

Create flexible spending accounts for your users or groups of users that can be controlled or limited by product, code or location. You can set up spending accounts to apply automatically or require your customers to input their spending account code by hand.

Icon representing Order Events and Workflow Rules Order Events and Workflow Rules

Need full control over your website's ordering workflow? This unique feature allows you to establish approval roles and special workflow rules to give you supreme control over your website's workflow and fulfillment process.

Icon representing International Shipping International Shipping

Liftoff supports shipping to over 240 countries world-wide and offers address validation to any country with a Google Maps supported postal code.

Icon representing Currency Conversion Currency Conversion

Liftoff supports over 180 unique currencies based on the open exchange.

Icon representing Customizable Reports Customizable Reports

Liftoff comes with a host of great reports. Sometimes you or your client will need something specific. When that need arises our team can craft a report specific to your needs. Please contact your account manager for more information.

Icon representing Phone Support Phone Support

You'll receive legendary phone support between the hours of 8 am - 6 pm ET M-F, excluding holidays. After hours and premium support are available to our enterprise clients.

Icon representing Web To Print Web To Print

Web to print allows you to utilize our Pageflex engine for incredibly responsive and interactive product customizations. Your customers will be able to create and edit products in real-time using our product configuration tools.

Icon representing Advanced Site Customizations Advanced Site Customizations

Liftoff is an extremely extensible platform. While it is fully-featured out-of-the-box, sometimes you have specific needs not addressed natively. When that need arises, you can scope your requests and deliver them to our account management team for review and costing. While all requests will be reviewed, some requests may not be accommodated due to compatibility with the platform.

Icon representing Dedicated Account Manager Dedicated Account Manager

We offer a dedicated account manager to our clients that subscribe to our enterprise plan. This account manager is available to you through normal operating hours between 8 am - 5 pm ET M-F (excluding holidays).

Icon representing Volume Discounted Pricing Volume Discounted Pricing

Resellers who are serious about B2B are presented with an agreement that allows them to grow unrestricted on the Liftoff platform with significantly lower costs of operating, offering an extremely competitive cost advantage.


Is there a setup fee?

No! Unless our professional services team assists you with setting up your website, there is no cost to get started other than your first support fee installment.

Can I use my own custom domain?

Yes! As long as you own your domain and have access to modifying your DNS records, you can use any domain you like on your Liftoff site. You can modify these settings using Liftoff's domain management tools. Custom domains require a custom SSL certificate. Additional costs may apply to custom domains.

Are there transaction fees?

Liftoff incorporates a $1 per order charge to allow you unlimited growth and ensure you're only paying for what you need, when you need it.

Do I need to host my website on my servers?

Liftoff runs in the cloud, meaning you never need to own any physical hardware.

Do you have plans for resellers?

We love resellers! Our enterprise plan is perfect for those looking to ramp up company stores for other businesses. Call us today to learn more about becoming a Liftoff channel partner.

Do you offer training?

Yes! Our team is ready and available to provide instruction on setting up your site, getting started with Pageflex and applying customizations to your website.

Do you require contracts?

Liftoff is a pay-as-you go platform, meaning there are no long-term obligations. If you determine that Liftoff isn't the best platform for your business, you can cancel your account directly from your administrative panel. If you do leave, we'd love an opportunity to find out how we could have been a better long-term partner for your needs.

Are you PCI Certified?

Liftoff is PCI DSS certified. Our systems are audited frequently by outside agencies to ensure your data is safe and secure.

Can you support international clients?

Yes! Liftoff supports shipping to over 240 countries. Additionally, we can rate tax and VAT within the US, Canada, Australia and the European Union. Our platform translates over 180 currencies in real-time.

Do I need to enter a credit card to get started?

No! Liftoff is absolutely free for the first 15 days of your trial period. That means no credit card is required until you're ready to launch!

What technology are you using for web to print and can I manage my own web to print workflow?

We're utilizing Pageflex Server, version 9.01. Provided that you have a copy of Pageflex Studio, you can create, manage and upload your own templates, directly to Liftoff. We are an authorized reseller of Pageflex Studio. For information on pricing or training, call us today: 877.600.2019