Out of the box, your Liftoff platform is one of the most powerful and fully featured cloud ERP, CRM, and ecommerce systems available.

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Easy for beginners.
Fully-featured for developers.

What's remarkably unique about our platform is the ability for the novice, non-technical user to create a site in just a few minutes, but still provides the robust support you'd find in an enterprise ecommerce suite. There's no need to know code to build and create websites on Liftoff. All you need is…well, you.

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We extend new features to our platform each week based on feedback we receive from our user base. If you don't see it in this list, just ask. We're always looking for new ways to improve our platform so that it is truly best in class.

Design Features

Icon representing Advanced Site Creation and Management Tools Advanced Site Creation and Management Tools

Our online toolset is incredibly robust, yet easy to use. Create new websites on the fly in just minutes. Setup products, users, content, discounts and configure ERP integrations, metrics and analytics from one easy to use dashboard.

Icon representing template selection Custom website template selection

We're constantly adding new design templates and themes to our arsenal. If you ever want to simply refresh your website, you can change how your website looks on the fly.

Icon representing custom HTML and CSS Manage your own HTML and CSS

Need to tweak the CSS or HTML behind your template? Not a problem. Liftoff comes with an HTML and CSS editor allowing you to fully customize your site to your own specifications.

Content Management Features

Icon representing Content Management Content Management

Liftoff gives you the ability to create and manage your own pages and content.

Icon representing Mobile friendly website design Mobile friendly website design

It's automated! All of our website templates work with most mobile devices and screen sizes.

Icon representing Optimized for Search Optimized for Search

Your website will be SEO friendly* using on-page SEO techniques and search friendly HTML.

Icon representing Analytics Analytics

Connect seamlessly to your existing Google Analytics account and track your customers' activity anywhere they go on your website.

Icon representing Custom Domain Names Custom Domain Names

You can have your own custom web address. Our domain manager allows you to easily connect your existing domain name to your website.

This feature requires that you own your own domain name and have access to manage your DNS settings.

Icon representing Create Blogs and Data Driven Content Create Blogs and Data Driven Content

Liftoff has an extremely fleixble data record feature which can be used to create blogs, news feeds, document asset lists and much more.

Business Features

Icon representing Payment Options Payment Options

Allow your users to pay using a credit card through Authorize.Net, PayTrace, PayPal, or Payflow Pro. Users can also pay using purchase orders, spending accounts, gift cards, and budgets.

Icon representing Advanced Gift Card, Discount and Budget Allocation Advanced Gift Card, Discount, and Budget Allocation

You can establish discounts, credits, gift cards and custom budgets at both the site level and the individual user level.

Icon representing Order History with Tracking and Reorder Capability Order History with Tracking and Reorder Capability

Your website will extend order history to users giving them the ability to track orders and repeat previously placed orders with relative ease.

Icon representing Interactive and Easy to use Shopping Cart Interactive and Easy to use Shopping Cart

Your shopping cart is extremely flexible, responsive, and easy for your users to understand.

Icon representing Point of Sale Inventory Point of Sale Inventory

When users purchase from your website, inventory levels are automatically adjusted. If inventory reaches a specific level, alerts can notify you that it's time to replenish.

Icon representing Flexible Product and SKU Variation Management Flexible Product and SKU Variation Management

Build SKU numbers based on user selection

Icon representing Automatic Tax Calculation Automatic Tax Calculation

Tax is calculated instantly on your website based on nexus rules you define using our Nexus manager. Tax information is derived, down to the specific address of nexus that you define, to give the most acccurate tax quote possible.

Icon representing Multi Carrier Shipment Rating Multi Carrier Shipment Rating

We support UPS, FedEx, and USPS automatic shipment rating for both domestic and international shipments.

You may leverage your own shipping rates using our EasyPost API integration.

Icon representing Order Reporting Order Reporting

Liftoff comes stock with various reports to help you understand your customers' buying habits and trends.

Icon representing Custom SSL Certificates Custom SSL Certificates

You can bring your own SSL certificate into your Liftoff site to ensure complete control of your site's branding and security.

Icon representing Order Events and Rules Order Events and Rules

Customize your customers' ordering experience by injecting workflow rules that give you the ability to hold orders for approval, manage messaging to the customer on selected thresholds, and more.


Want an interactive demo of just exactly how powerful our platform can be? Email and a member of our sales team will coordinate a time to talk and demonstrate Liftoff.