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Learn how to use Pageflex Studio to its fullest potential against your Liftoff website.

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Let us show you how to get the most from your new Liftoff account.

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Liftoff’s powerful web-to-print engine is powered by Pageflex Server, an incredibly robust variable imaging platform. Pageflex Studio is the design and development package that enables you to construct sophisticated variable data documents that are eventually processed by Pageflex Server.Launchpad offers an in-depth two-day class that covers everything you’ll need to know in order to take advantage of this powerful solution and how it interacts with your Liftoff subscription. Below are some of the concepts covered in this training:

  • How to navigate and manage Pageflex Studio
  • Best practices for organizing your projects
  • Defining variables
  • Setting up conditional variable rules
  • Layering images and content
  • Utilizing groups and flexible text rules
  • How to use JavaScript to add enhance template capabilities
  • Establishing output jobs and determining output formats
  • Working with dynamic data sets
  • Developing advanced functions using document actions and C#
  • How to troubleshoot issues with your templates
  • Implementing templates on the Liftoff platform
  • Working with the Liftoff form XML specification
  • Utilizing native Liftoff variables in conjunction with templates
  • Where to go for help when you need it
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Liftoff is one of the most robust e-commerce and web-to-print solutions designed for channel partners, developers, and re-sellers on the market today. Whether you’re brand new to Liftoff or consider yourself an aficionado, we have a training program that can be modified to fit your organization’s needs. As Liftoff grows and adds new features, our training program is incrementally updated to ensure you’re receiving the most up to date education possible.Below is a general overview of what is available in our training program:

  • Understanding the end user’s experience
  • Managing your subscriber account
  • Managing content and creating new pages
  • Working with custom domains and SSL certificates
  • Inventory management
  • Catalog, category, and product setup and development
  • Vendor management and multi-vendor fulfillment chaining
  • Discount management and application
  • Budget account setup and management
  • Custom order number sequencing
  • Payment gateway setup
  • Currency management
  • User defined data extensions for customer, product, and orders
  • Email notification management
  • Shipping, automatic rating, and international settings
  • Tax, nexus, and economic presence setup
  • Rules, events, and workflow management
  • Working with Liftoff’s REST API
  • Implementing XML integrations
  • Utilizing Liftoff’s powerful cloud database solution
  • Working with user roles and restrictions
  • and more…

Launchpad also offers contextual-based training that would demonstrate how you achieve specific functions by combining feature sets. Extended training sessions (one day or more) must be done in-person at either your facility, or at Launchpad’s offices. Individual feature training is available in 2-hour blocks,.