Liftoff Site Setup Services With thousands of sites completed and counting, our team can get you up, running and selling in no time.

What we offer

Account Setup

If you're new to Liftoff, we'll help you get your first account started and train you on how your site's admin tools function.

Website Creation

We'll get you off to the races and get your site's shell created and loaded with your company logo, imagery, font choice and color scheme.

Custom Design Development

Liftoff comes with tons of great design themes, but if you need something more than "out of the box," our custom design team will work with you to develop a great look for your website.

Order Automation and Integration

Need to connect to your ERP system? Does your vendor have available integration methods? We'll work with you and your vendors to ensure your Liftoff site is connected and moving orders at the speed of data.

Product and Pricing Entry

Entering hundreds of products can really eat a lot of your time, which is why our team has been trained to handle the bulk creation and entry of products in a way that is fast and painless to the user.

Shipping and Tax Setup

We'll take the information you provide to us for your site's tax and shipping concerns and ensure your website is up to task.

Budgets, Gift Cards and Discounts

Dealing with special payment options such as budgets or gift cards? Want discounts taken on your site? Our team will work with you to help gather the necessary materials we'll need to accomplish this and get them installed through our bulk importing processes.

Content, Databases and Records

Our platform's incredibly robust records module helps remove the boundaries of e-commerce and allows you to store data and content in incredibly exciting ways.

Custom Domains and SSL

If you're using custom domains, we can help you ensure your domain is properly associated with your account and transacting orders securely.

Event and Order Workflow Rules Setup

Liftoff has a powerful rules and events engine. Let our team help you make the most of this toolset for setting up order approval rules, event tracking and order distribution.

Custom Order Reports

Need more than what comes with your Liftoff website for reporting? Our team can create custom reporting based on available data and analytics for your website.

Getting Started

Ready to get started? Use the contact information below and we'll be right with you!

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Available Mon-Fri @ 8 AM - 5 PM EST (except holidays)